White Fillings

With white fillings, you can have your smile back.

Having a filling treatment is important, as untreated tooth decay can worsen over time and lead to bigger problems requiring a more serious treatment such as a root canal.

Now, with the availability of white fillings, fillings blend more closely in with your natural tooth colour, so in many cases, it’s hard to tell that your teeth have had any work done at all.

White fillings have become popular as they are so natural looking.

Tooth coloured fillings are one of the cosmetic dental treatments available at Beacon Dentalcare. Built to be safe and functional, they allow you to smile confidently without having to worry about showing any silver. To ensure that a filling colour matches the rest of your mouth, a carefully selected shade and shape is chosen.

Choosing a white filling takes away any worry that your teeth won’t look their best again. You will be showing off your smile again in no time, not to mention eliminating any pain and irritation while preventing the potential for future tooth decay.

Some examples of white fillings

White fillings provide a more natural alternative to traditional silver fillings; they aren’t just useful in repairing cavities, but they can alter the shape and colour of your tooth.  Book your appointment now and let us transform your smile.