Various Treatments Patient – Dennis

Dennis's Success Story

“The treatment I’ve had is mainly just general sort of wear and tear, a couple of fillings, one or two veneers. So a vanity project and general maintenance I would say, I think before my treatment, I hadn’t really understood what good dental hygiene really was, but with the bleeding and the recession in my gums I guess I needed to do something. And certainly the last two, three years, that’s massively improved.

First impressions were both David and Karen were very friendly, very engaging, very interested in you, not just you as a patient, but you as a person. And just her knowledge and her putting you at ease, if you’re having like some severe treatment, like a new veneer, what it will look like, will it match the rest of your teeth? She just puts you at ease and I’ve had a couple of veneers change and they’ve been great.

When I first saw a picture of my teeth, I was a bit shocked at the work that possibly they needed, but I guess since coming to Karen over the last four or five years, it’s improved. So I’m a lot happier now. Well, the fact that we are still coming here, even though we live, as I said, it’s a 120 mile round trip, is a testament to the fact that we like what she does. And I would recommend David, Karen and the practice to anybody really.

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