Various Dental Treatment Patient – Hal

Hal's Success Story

“What I like about it is I think I’ve got trust in what Karen does. I trust her implicitly to do what she says she is going to do and to do it very professionally as well. There’s plenty of experience behind the work that she does.

When I first came here, the impressions were very good. There was a very warm welcome from the reception staff and then when Karen bounded down the stairs, she then inspired confidence in you because she was such a bubbly effervescence kind of personality. She automatically put a smile on your face. She automatically inspired confidence in you and the trust was immediately there. So, everything was right from the word go and it continues to this day.

We have never failed to find things being done expertly and proficiently, not just by Karen because it’s not only the dental work that she does, it’s also the work the hygienist Nicky does and that’s really, very important. Helping to keep your mouth, your teeth very clean, as clean as possible and then if things go wrong, treating the teeth that are causing the problem, which Nicky has done. So, it’s not just Karen, its Nicky, it’s their assistants, it’s the staff at reception, all of them combined to make a real first-rate service here.”

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