The whole team at Beacon DentalCare are fantastic


I needed a root canal filling and was beside myself with terror. I arrived and was met by a very cheery yet calming Karen Sutton ( I’ve yet to fathom how Karen is so cheery AND amazingly calming at the same time!)

I sat down in the chair and just started crying with the fear I felt really embarrassed (I’m usually a very level headed, capable person but as soon as I go to the dentist I become a gibbering wreck and the fear takes over) but I was NEVER made to feel daft, in fact the care and understanding I was shown by Karen and the dental nurse, Paula, was awesome.

Oh, and the root canal treatment was painless; in fact I ended up laughing at the dvd playing on the screen above the chair! The whole team at Beacon are fantastic.

It’s caring people like them that turn people’s dental phobias and fears into something so much more manageable.

Sarah B

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