Teeth Straightening Patient – Jane

Jane's Success Story

“The treatment I had was literally some teeth straightening. I had a huge gap before, in the middle here. All the teeth had to be brought round and they had to be crowned and whitened before hand as well. So literally they were all very uneven and pointy, so I came to see David and he literally said: lets straighten them up for you. I though “ooh great” because I had been to so many different dentists and they just said no, sorry, can’t do anything, its going to take forever, its going to cost a fortune. So, when I came to see David it was literally yeah, we can do something for you.

When I first saw the new teeth, it was quite a shock because I had been so used to the crooked teeth. So, when the smile was revealed to me it was quite amazing.

Before I had the treatment I was really self-conscious, if anybody would talk to me in the street or anything like that I would literally be (talking) behind the hand (demonstrates hand covering mouth) Didn’t like to smile, didn’t like really like talking, photos I was like literally hiding, because I was so self-conscious of my teeth.

Anybody who is thinking about getting their teeth done, it will change your life. If you have got any worries about your teeth at all, come and have a chat with David or Karen and they will go through everything and you don’t have to go for it if you don’t want to, if you want a little tweak but I would definitely recommend if you’re worried about your teeth, come, because it will change your life. No exaggeration, it really will change your life, absolutely.”

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