Success Stories


Margaret's Success Story

“The dentist who treated me, Karen, is absolutely amazing, I’ve never really met a dentist like her. She keeps you talking and makes me forget what I’m here for and she doesn’t hurt me and that’s the most important thing, she’s so gentle and so understanding. I’ve had dentists who keep drilling when it hurts, and she never does that. She’s amazing really, I really like her.”

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Jane's Success Story

“Anybody who is thinking about getting their teeth done, it will change your life. If you have got any worries about your teeth at all, come and have a chat with David or Karen and they will go through everything and you don’t have to go for it if you don’t want to, if you want a little tweak but I would definitely recommend if you’re worried about your teeth, come, because it will change your life. No exaggeration, it really will change your life, absolutely.”

Hal's Success Story

When I first came here, the impressions were very good. There was a very warm welcome from the reception staff and then when Karen bounded down the stairs, she then inspired confidence in you because she was such a bubbly effervescence kind of personality. She automatically put a smile on your face. She automatically inspired confidence in you and the trust was immediately there. So, everything was right from the word go and it continues to this day.

Susan's Success Story

The dentist that has been treating me, Karen Sutton, she has been very understanding, welcoming and catered for my needs by being understanding of my situation, explaining everything that she was going to do, and starting with small steps, building up to bigger steps.

Mary's Success Story

“When I saw my smile after my treatment, my first veneers, I was so pleased. I had been recommended so many different things, some of which are too expensive, some of which were too long-winded, but the veneers suited me so well and I felt really comfortable and relaxed. 

Anna's Success Story

“The benefits are that I can smile properly again. I have absolutely no reservations about walking into the dentist these days.
See for yourself, try it out, experience the ambience and the attitude of all the professionals who work here and I don’t think they would regret it for one moment and if they have a phobia this is the place to come, because they will very very gently cure you of the phobia. If they can cure me, they can cure anyone.”

Caroline's Success Story

“The benefits of having my teeth straightened are I smile a lot now, I think my teeth were very crooked and it got to the point where I kind of stopped smiling and didn’t really have any photos taken and in this selfie age that’s quite unusual, so for me the benefits have been, I actually do feel much more confident and much more able to smile and I probably have got more photos taken of me in last two years since I had my brace off than the previous ten so its made a massive difference to me.”

Anne's Success Story

“My first impressions … They’re very professional and they put themselves out at a time when other dentists would not take on new patients. They saw us and took on not only me but my husband, and since then, my two sons have come here as well. They’re just very personable. Make you feel very welcome. I was very nervous when I first came because I didn’t know what the treatment was going to entail, but I was put at my ease very easily. They’re just lovely, the nurses, the staff, the receptionists, and they listen to you, which is nice.”

Dennis's Success Story

“First impressions were both David and Karen were very friendly, very engaging, very interested in you, not just you as a patient, but you as a person. And just her knowledge and her putting you at ease, if you’re having like some severe treatment, like a new veneer, what it will look like, will it match the rest of your teeth? She just puts you at ease and I’ve had a couple of veneers change and they’ve been great. When I first saw a picture of my teeth, I was a bit shocked at the work they needed, but I guess since coming to Karen over the last four or five years, it’s improved.”

Gail's Success Story

I would recommend the practice and the reason is self-evident in the way we have followed Karen from one place to another. The reason being, in the past we’ve had serious problems with dentists and not being satisfied and when we first moved to this area we were put with Karen and we thought “gosh, here’s a decent dentist, we will stick with her”