Protect your Teeth

Do you play sport?

Achieving your perfect smile is one thing but actually protecting and maintaining it is another. Your mouth is just like the rest of your body and it needs to be looked after to stay in the best condition.

At Beacon Dentalcare, we provide you with a custom made mouthguard to help keep your smile intact. It is far better to protect your teeth. We understand the importance of a healthy smile so we really like to help keep yours shining strong. In fact, we support our local rugby teams by providing custom mouthguards at a 10% discounted price!

What is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a specially made, rubber like cover, which is designed to fit exactly over your teeth and gums cushioning them and protecting them from damage.

When would I need a Mouthguard?

You will need to wear a mouthguard whenever taking part in physical sport that could cause broken or damaged teeth or worse, a broken or dislocated jaw. These sports include cricket, hockey, football, American football, boxing and rugby. Wearing a mouthguard does not only protect you but also those who you are playing with. We can’t help but stress the need for safety compliance as we all have to abide by it in some way!

How Long do Custom Made Mouthguards Last?

You may need to replace a mouthguard fairly regularly depending on your age and if you are still growing. If you are still growing, then new teeth will come through and move into position thus forcing you to get a new mouthguard. With new teeth coming through your mouthguard will no doubt become too tight or too loose and this will mean the reshaping of your mouthguard to fit your mouth.

Adult mouthguards may not need replacing quite so often. But like every other form of sports equipment, they will suffer through wear and tear. We recommend bringing your mouthguard along with you when you come to see us at Beacon Dentalcare and we will check its condition.

Can I get coloured mouthguards?

Of course! All of us at Beacon Dentalcare love colour. You may want your mouthguard in the colour of your favourite sports team or a mix of two different ones. We offer many types of mouthguard designs including striped, multi-coloured and clear.

When coming in for an appointment, feel free to ask your dentist about the many mouthguard design and colour options we provide.

See the current prices for Mouth Guards on our Fees Page.

What Do I do if I Knock a Tooth Out?

Beacon Dentalcare understand that when you knock out a tooth, you can’t always get to us straight away. You may be playing sport or out for the day so it is important to know what to do in this situation. Beacon Dental Care advise the following:

  • If you can find the tooth and it is clean, put it back into the socket yourself
  • Put it straight into a cup of milk or keep it in your mouth
  • Get to a dentist or hospital as soon as you can
  • If you are in pain, take painkillers if you feel it is necessary
  • Do not hold the tooth by the root. Your teeth are surrounded by fragile ligaments which need to be kept intact if the tooth is to be replaced
  • Don’t try clean the tooth with disinfectant or water
  • Don’t let the tooth dry out
  • Don’t put aspirin or clove oil on the wound

Most importantly, do not panic. Beacon Dentalcare appreciate this may be a disturbing time for you but we stress that the sooner the tooth is replaced, the better the chance of success. If you have not managed to do it yourself, our dentists will put the tooth back. They may use a dental splint to fasten the tooth against the teeth on either side. In most cases this is successful, and once the splint is removed the tooth is stable. However, you will almost certainly need more treatment in the future.

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Here at Beacon Dentalcare in Malvern, we accept referrals for patients requiring a dental implants procedure from dentists and GPs throughout the area and beyond.

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