Keep your Teeth

Keep your Teeth

Ensuring patients keep their teeth is a priority for Beacon Dentalcare. Having healthy teeth is not only good for your healthy mouth functions, there is a strong link between a healthy mouth and a healthy heart. Brushing your teeth and looking after your mouth health is not just about avoiding bad breath and cavities, it could actually make you live longer!

Keeping up to date with the very latest, cutting edge preventative treatments is a requirement for all Beacon Dentalcare hygienists and dental therapists. Our focus is advising and treating our patients so they AVOID bad breath, gum disease, losing teeth and painful tooth decay.

Our hygienists and dental therapists are handpicked for their understanding, gentle and proactive approach. We map each patient’s mouth health scores and spend the time explaining how the scores can be improved and what each patient needs to look out for. We are delighted the continued improvements in our patient mouth health scores shows our approach is working.

Prevention is better than cure, and at Beacon Dentalcare, prevention is made easy, fun and easily attainable. Give us a call, or drop by to see how we can help you keep your teeth.

Dentist Referrals
Here at Beacon Dentalcare in Malvern, we accept referrals for patients requiring a dental implants procedure from dentists and GPs throughout the area and beyond.

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