Children’s Dentist

Children's Dentist

A child’s first visit to the dentist is often more stressful for the parents than it is for the children. At Beacon Dentalcare, we are all about anxiety free dentistry, and that starts with a child’s first visit. A positive first experience with a dentist can set a child up for life.

We have a great dedicated children’s playroom to put your child at ease. So children who have an appointment or children waiting for their parents can spend time with toys and books suitable for their age group. Feel free to bring your kid for any schedules appointments but please note that the playroom is unsupervised.

As long-term oral health is determined in childhood, taking charge of your children’s teeth and instilling good habits from an early age is one of the best gifts you can give your child. Not only does it ensure there are less complications and need for intervention later in life, it gives them a positive attitude towards dentists and oral hygiene.

  • Pediatric trained dentists and hygienists
  • School run friendly appointments
  • Kidzone with games, toys, puzzles and lots to do
  • Child specific dental plans
  • Relaxed, fun environment
  • Best coffee in town for mum and dad
  • No judgment, no telling’s off, just sound, positive and proactive treatment and advice

As parents we’ve been there and know only too well the challenges. We offer you advice and proactive strategies based on our own experiences and expertise. We have been embarrassed by our children often enough to not judge, or be bothered by a child having a bad day.

We work extra hard to make sure that our practice is full of fun and energy. We have great facilities for children and our kidzone is full of great toys and activities. We want our patients to be feel as relaxed as possible both before and during our time with them.

The staff at Beacon Dental Care are trained to spot the signs early so if there ever is an issue with your child’s dental health, we are the first to know.

Billy the Bear is our promoter of dental and oral health. Kids love him and he is great with advice. As part of our charity work, we often visit local nurseries and community groups to talk about dental health. This is something we very much enjoy doing and we love giving back to the local community.

Take a look around our Dental Practice and our dedicated Children’s playroom.

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