Patient Stories


Dental Crown Patient - Margaret's Story

“The dentist who treated me, Karen, is absolutely amazing, I’ve never really met a dentist like her. She keeps you talking and makes me forget what I’m here for and she doesn’t hurt me and that’s the most important thing, she’s so gentle and so understanding. I’ve had dentists who keep drilling when it hurts, and she never does that. She’s amazing really, I really like her.”

Dental Veneers Patient - Mary's Story

“When I saw my smile after my treatment, my first veneers, I was so pleased. I had been recommended so many different things, some of which are too expensive, some of which were too long-winded, but the veneers suited me so well and I felt really comfortable and relaxed. 

Dental Teeth Straightening Patient - Caroline's Story

“The benefits of having my teeth straightened are I smile a lot now, I think my teeth were very crooked and it got to the point where I kind of stopped smiling and didn’t really have any photos taken and in this selfie age that’s quite unusual, so for me the benefits have been, I actually do feel much more confident and much more able to smile and I probably have got more photos taken of me in last two years since I had my brace off than the previous ten so its made a massive difference to me.”

Dental Implants Patient - Anna's Story

“The benefits are that I can smile properly again. I have absolutely no reservations about walking into the dentist these days.
See for yourself, try it out, experience the ambience and the attitude of all the professionals who work here and I don’t think they would regret it for one moment and if they have a phobia this is the place to come, because they will very very gently cure you of the phobia. If they can cure me, they can cure anyone.”

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