Elvis’s Tooth visits Beacon Dental in Malvern

Elvis's tooth

Elvis’s Tooth Is On the Premises!

Visitors to our dental practice in Malvern – Beacon Dental got a big surprise seeing all the staff dressed up as Elvis getups for the day!  The kings very own crown tooth was on display in the reception area, it is believed he had toothache the night before he died!

Beacon DentalCare was one of a dozen practices around the country to join the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the recording of ‘Thats Alright’ by the King of Rock and Roll!

But the day was also part of the Mouth Cancer Month and people had free screenings at our Pickersleigh Road Dental Surgery thanks to the promotion.

We had a great day and there was a very fun atmosphere and we had huge coverage online from around the world! We hope we succeeded on raising awareness for Mouth Cancer.

Elvis's tooth

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