If You Are a Nervous Patient Beacon Dental Practice is for You

Nervous Dental Patients

My husband and I were patients of Karen’s at her previous practice, and I can only say that we should not have delayed as long we did in following her. I have been a very nervous dental patient from childhood and it is quite an achievement to have moved me to a point where, not only am I not afraid, but I actually find myself looking forward to keeping my appointments!!

The atmosphere at the practice is incredibly welcoming and friendly, the staff are full of smiles, the waiting room is luxurious and the coffee excellent. More importantly I feel confident that I am not going suffer (even if I occasionally forget to breathe!!).

Karen will always make sure that the level of anaesthesia is sufficent for my barely-existent, cowardly pain threshold, and is the only person who is ever likely to make me laugh while sticking a needle in me!!

Karen has an acute and irrepressible sense of humour so that I am thoroughly entertained, while receiving excellent treatment. I have taken to admiring my molars after some recent work to replace some ancient fillings, as they no longer look like a repository for scrap metal, but like real teeth!!

If you are a nervous patient this is the practice for you.

Go and see Karen and the gang at Beacon, and your attitude to visiting the dentist will be changed forever – it’s like dropping in to see friends, who just happen to be able to do brilliant and painless dental work !!!

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