Denture Patient – Gail

Gail's Success Story

“The problem that I was having with those teeth were abscesses under teeth which had been heavily filled in the past which were therefore causing me a lot of pain. So, I phoned the dentist and came in pretty promptly. I have quite a lot of gum loss and therefore bone loss around the teeth. Therefore, it was very difficult to do much because I have got a tooth at the back which she keeps together for me. She can’t cap it because there is just not enough basis of bone around it.

I would recommend the practice and the reason is self-evident in the way we have followed Karen from one place to another. The reason being, in the past we’ve had serious problems with dentists and not being satisfied and when we first moved to this area we were put with Karen and we thought “gosh, here’s a decent dentist, we will stick with her”

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