Dental Veneers Patient – Mary

Mary's Success Story

“My front teeth were separating as I got older, it seemed like the gap in the centre got wider and I was worried about it. So I came to see David here at this clinic to see what he could do about it and now my problem was I’m terrified of dentists, absolutely terrified and didn’t want to come and if the gap wasn’t there ruining my smile, I probably would never have come. Since having the treatment, I don’t cover my mouth anymore when I speak, and I feel good.

You know I’m getting old now and every little helps, especially once your teeth are fine, everything else comes together, I think.

If somebody wanted to have treatment at the practice, I’d say go for it! Come and have a chat in the first instance and you will feel so comfortable immediately, that you will be quite happy.

There isn’t any pressure to have the treatment done, your given several options, all of which are down to yourselves, which suits best. I would say come and try it out.

When I saw my smile after my treatment, my first veneers, I was so pleased. I had been recommended so many different things, some of which are too expensive, some of which were too long-winded, but the veneers suited me so well and I felt really comfortable and relaxed. Mixed up with the crowns and the rest of my dentures, I was ready for anything. Really happy.”

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