Do Wonder Woman’s Gums Bleed?

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Mothers today are akin to Wonder Woman. We multitask, trouble shoot, defend, protect and nourish those in our care. All the while we are expected to be perfectly groomed and in complete control of our senses.

As a mum, it amazes me how much of my life is spent making the rest of the family happy and how little time I have to do all the little things I know I should be doing for my own health and well being.

At the practice I see time and time again exasperated mothers who have finally found the time to book an appointment.

What Are Wonder Woman’s Teeth Like?

As a dentist (and Wonder Woman myself) I find certain mouth health issues are common.

  • Gums bleeding and gum disease due to not having enough time to devote to effective tooth cleaning.
  • Jaw, head and tooth pain due to clenching or grinding teeth- very common when stressed.
  • Increased mouth ulcers due to stress and low levels of iron.
  • Unhappiness with the appearance of your smile. Lots of us had braces as a teenager, and even though the teeth have moved around we put up with our wonky teeth on photos.
  • Sensitive teeth when drinking cold drinks, commonly associated with an acidic diet(trying to get your 5 a day)

The Solution: The Beacon Wonder Woman Healthy Smile Plan

  • Realistic advice on the best tooth cleaning routine for YOU- we promise to give you sensible achievable ideas to help you improve your gum health and sensitivity in the time you have available.
  • Screening for mouth disorders such as ulcers and jaw joint problems associated with stress, and help to combat them.
  • The latest time saving braces! Start now and you could have the straight teeth you always wanted before next years summer holidays!
  • Late evening, Saturday appointments, so you can enjoy our coffee and massage chairs without having to bring your kids.
  • A unique kidzone to keep them entertained, if you do need to bring them along.

What are you waiting for? Call us now on 01684 899492 or email info@beacondentalcare.co.uk“> to book your visit.

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