Sugar Free September


We are supporting #SugarFreeSeptember here at Beacon DentalCare.

Sugar-Free September is all about giving up the sugars that are added to our foods and drinks (these are called extrinsic sugars if you’re interested in the sciency bit).

We already have more than enough sugar in our diets from naturally-occurring sources such as whole fruits, vegetables and milk (these are intrinsic sugars) and we don’t need or benefit from eating the sugars that are added to our food and drink.

So why not join us and Denplan and go sugar-free this September and see how much better you feel? After a month, you may even adjust how much sugar you consume going forward, which can only be a good thing!

Denplans website has lots of handy tips – click here to find out how you can have a Sugar-Free September!

We offer our clients the full range of Denplan options because one size does not fit all.

Click here to find out more about our Denplan Care here at Beacon.

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