Dental Teeth Straightening Patient – Caroline

Caroline's Success Story

“The problem I had was crooked teeth. I guess that over the years they have slowly got worse and worse and I was self-conscious and because I had a phobia of the dentists, I kind of didn’t want to do anything about it because I felt it would be too invasive. But I was sat here one day and just happened to see the literature on teeth straightening and spoke to Karen about it and ended up having a brace top and bottom for about 7 months in total.

My main dentist is Karen although I have seen David as well, Karen has a wealth of experience of dealing with people who are frightened of the dentist. She puts you at ease, she understands, she sympathetic, she takes the time to talk to you and work out how best to treat you and of course then she is then a good dentist in terms of Orthodontics and braces so a combination of both really – a dentist who knew how to deal with phobias but then one who is very experienced in braces.

The benefits of having my teeth straightened are I smile a lot now, I think my teeth were very crooked and it got to the point where I kind of stopped smiling and didn’t really have any photos taken and in this selfie age that’s quite unusual, so for me the benefits have been, I actually do feel much more confident and much more able to smile and I probably have got more photos taken of me in last two years since I had my brace off than the previous ten so its made a massive difference to me.”

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