Straighten Your Teeth


Do you feel self conscious when you smile or laugh?

Everyone wants that perfect smile. Beacon Dental Care understand that you want to feel good in yourself and that the condition of your teeth and mouth play an important role. Confidence is what helps you feel good and with our experienced dental care and knowledge, we work to make you feel fabulous.

At Beacon DentalCare, we use the latest brace systems and keep up to date with postgraduate training so we can offer you straighter teeth from only £5 a day.

Our brace systems are excellent at helping you achieve that perfect smile. They work wonders with overlapping, crooked or gapped teeth. As long as you don’t need major bite readjustment we are likely to have a system to suit you.

We are the only provider of Six Month Smiles in Worcestershire and our team is up to date on the latest procedures, technology and equipment.

At Beacon DentalCare, we have a range of tooth straightening services, which can be customised to fit you and your dental needs. We don’t take the one size fits all approach. There are many tooth straightening options we can provide including:

Cfast Braces

With Cfast, you could be smiling like a star in a matter of months. They are discreet with almost invisible wires and brackets and are an affordable short time treatment.

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth are affordable, comfortable and most importantly an effective way of straightening your teeth. They work by concentrating only on the front 6 to 8 teeth. Quick Straight Teeth are invisible and can correct mild to moderate problems quickly at an affordable price.

Nearly Invisible Braces

These work through removable aligners that are custom made specifically to fit your teeth. They are comfortable, clear and removable. As you replace the aligners on a regular basis, your teeth will move gradually towards a projected final position.

Beacon DentalCare choose the right way to straighten your teeth. We plan the best solution for you by first understanding your dental state and then apply a suitable system that works for both you and your mouth.

To find out more about our tooth straightening treatments give us a call and one of our delightful front of house staff will take you through the paces.

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