Dental Implants Patient – Anna

Anna's Success Story

“The problem I had was that I hadn’t been to a dentist in a very very long time and had terrible experiences as a child – absolute phobia and after plucking up my courage came and spoke here and had all the tidying up I needed to have done. I have 4 implants in my top jaw, my bridge for my front teeth, a part plate for the bottom and everything is fine now.

The benefits are that I can smile properly again. I have absolutely no reservations about walking into the dentist these days.

See for yourself, try it out, experience the ambience and the attitude of all the professionals who work here and I don’t think they would regret it for one moment and if they have a phobia this is the place to come, because they will very very gently cure you of the phobia. If they can cure me, they can cure anyone.”

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