Dental Crowns

Beacon dentalcare dental crowns

If you have broken or decayed teeth, we can restore them with our long-lasting crowns. Crowns are one of the restorative dentistry services we offer at Beacon Dentalcare.

Also known as a cap, they are used to cover and treat damaged teeth that would otherwise need removing. They are made of a range of different materials including porcelain, all-ceramic, glass and gold alloy. These concealing caps will be produced in a laboratory created just for you.

Dental crowns require minimal care and are a standardised procedure for restoring damaged teeth as they also help to protect the damaged teeth and improve their appearance.

When it comes to fitting a crown, it typically takes two visits. Your first visit to Beacon will be for preparing the tooth, taking impressions, and for porcelain crowns, note your tooth colour, matching the shade and fitting the temporary crown. Your second visit to us will be for the fitting of your perfect permanent crown created for you by the lab technicians.

Dental Crown Patient - Margaret's Success Story

“The dentist who treated me, Karen, is absolutely amazing, I’ve never really met a dentist like her. She keeps you talking and makes me forget what I’m here for and she doesn’t hurt me and that’s the most important thing, she’s so gentle and so understanding. I’ve had dentists who keep drilling when it hurts, and she never does that. She’s amazing really, I really like her.”

A crown is a tooth-shaped covering (cap) commonly used on broken or weakened teeth, that completely encases the tooth’s visible part. The artificial cap fitted onto a damaged tooth, protects the remaining tooth structure, and gives a natural appearance.

The finished crown comes in various materials and can replace any tooth. 

Unlike a dental filling, which repairs just a piece of the tooth, a crown restores the whole tooth, and then the capped tooth should function and feel just like a natural tooth. Think of it like a snug hat fitted over your tooth. The crown restores the tooth’s shape, size, strength and appearance.

You may need a dental crown for several reasons, including:

  • To restore a chipped, cracked or broken tooth.
  • To cover and protect a tooth that’s been treated with a root canal or filling.
  • Protecting a weak tooth (possibly from decay), and too much is missing for a filling.
  • To hold a dental bridge in place.
  • To cover a dental implant.
  • To prevent further damage to teeth affected by tooth decay and other issues.
  • To cover misshapen or severely discoloured teeth.
  • To improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth.

Applying a tooth crown is an excellent way to protect and preserve a damaged tooth for many years to come. They provide a long-lasting solution that prevents bacteria from entering the hole in the tooth and allows you to eat and drink normally.

The most common materials for teeth caps are a dental ceramic such as porcelain or zirconia which are coloured to match the surrounding teeth.  You can however get gold alloy crowns which are sometimes chosen for their distinctive look.

They typically don’t require special care over time other than regular good oral hygiene.

Generally, teeth are crowned when the damage is too extensive for a filling or onlay, but not bad enough warrant extraction. There are different types of crowns that can be used on your teeth. A traditional crown will cover your entire tooth, but if you’re concerned about conserving as much natural tooth as possible, ask your dentist about a partial crown. 3/4 crowns and onlays are types of dental crowns that do not cover as much of your underlying tooth as traditional dental crowns and may be appropriate when you still have a solid tooth structure. They are less invasive and more affordable than crowns.

But if you have had problems with dental crowns in the past or do not want to re-crown your tooth, you consider having it removed and replaced with a dental implant.

Before and Afters

Failing old veneers replaced with a combination of whitening crowns and veneers.

This lady had failing old crowns in her upper jaw that were replaced with a combination of crowns and veneers, followed by tooth whitening and replacing old composites.

This older lady had failing veneers in her upper jaw that was replaced with a combination of crowns and veneers. 

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