Dental Crown Patient – Margaret

Margaret's Success Story

“I’ve had my teeth built up rather than taken out or anything like that, the dentist has actually rebuilt them and especially the bottom ones, they were like little sweetcorn’s after you had eaten the sweetcorn! There were all indentations, they looked terrible.  Of course, they made you look very old and I was very conscious of them. So really pleased she has built them up for me, given me some crowns, strengthened them so I can eat easier now.

The dentist who treated me, Karen, is absolutely amazing,  I’ve never really met a dentist like her. She keeps you talking and makes me forget what I’m here for and she doesn’t hurt me and that’s the most important thing, she’s so gentle and so understanding.  I’ve had dentists who keep drilling when it hurts, and she never does that.  She’s amazing really, I really like her.

The benefits are enormous, I just feel confident, I can smile, I’ve got a set of teeth.  It might not seem much for people who have got good teeth but when it really begins to grate on you that you cant open your mouth hardly and when you speak, you have to put your hand in front of your mouth, unless you have experienced that, you know, you really don’t know how much having a nice set of teeth makes a difference to you.”

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