Crowns and Fillings Patient – Anne

Anne's Success Story

“Treatments I’ve had done are two onlays and a filling. My first impressions … They’re very professional and they put themselves out at a time when other dentists would not take on new patients. They saw us and took on not only me but my husband, and since then, my two sons have come here as well. They’re just very personable. Make you feel very welcome. I was very nervous when I first came because I didn’t know what the treatment was going to entail, but I was put at my ease very easily. They’re just lovely, the nurses, the staff, the receptionists, and they listen to you, which is nice.

My thoughts on the dentist who carries out the treatment … he’s very professional, goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. If you ask, he will explain exactly what’s happening, and if you need help on the weekends, he’ll make himself available.

Since having the treatment, I’m confident that I will be able to eat a meal with my own teeth for a long time.”

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