All smiles for Chernobyl Children – Press Release

Dental Care for Chernoby Children

Press Release: June 2017

A Malvern Link dental practice has supported the Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline Charity for the 9th year running by looking after the teeth of the children based in Malvern.

Beacon DentalCare 2015 winner of ‘Best Practice’ in the Midlands, Best Team and Best Patient Care at The Dentistry Awards has provided dental care for the 12 children who are spending time in Malvern as guests of the charity.

Karen Sutton, dentist at Beacon DentalCare said ‘We are always delighted to help out the Chernobyl children when they come to Malvern. As a group they tend to have much worse teeth than our own children at the same age with some of them having huge cavities in the grown up teeth already by the age of 9! This year we even fixed the front tooth for one of the youngsters who had tripped over and snapped it in half, but had never had it repaired. It always makes me very emotional to see how brave these kids are, and the issues that they face.’

David Watson, dentist said ‘Even though it has been many years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and some of these children’s parents weren’t born at the time, the radiation leak is still causing problems today. The kids we have seen tend to have very low levels of saliva, which means they are much more at risk of cavities and gum disease. This could be as a result of damage to their saliva glands form contamination of the environment where they live. They come from deprived backgrounds with no indoor plumbing or heating with little access to healthcare and basics such as toothpaste and brushes.’

The Beacon practice team made the children feel welcome with games, and all of them were seen by the dentists and a hygienist, given basic dental care and taught tooth brushing techniques. They all left with a gift from the practice team too!


All smiles for Chernobyl Children

Chernobyl Children with l to R :
Kate Ratcliffe (chief receptionist) , Charlie Harford (dental nurse), Dorothy Knights (Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline), Helena Lees (dental nurse), Karen Sutton (dentist), Caty Tyas (dental nurse) and Olga (interpreter)

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