Beacon Dental Treat Chernobyl Children

Beacon Dental Chernobyl

Beacon Dentalcare in Malvern Link has been looking after the teeth of a group of children from Belarus brought to the UK by Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline

Due to the high levels of radiation in their environment and a poor diet, the children suffer from high levels of tooth decay, often with very large cavities in both their baby and adult teeth by the age of 10.

The practice provides care which aims to maintain their permanent teeth for as long as possible, as well as doing some tooth cleaning for them, and teaching them the best way to brush their teeth.  This is hopefully a skill they can pass onto other members of their family who may well also have dental issues.

Karen Sutton, principle dentist at Beacon said ‘It always surprises me how much tooth decay these children have suffered.  I can’t imagine how painful it must be to have so many bad teeth at such a young age.  The Beacon team are always delighted by the children’s behavior and manners, every year.  We repair as many of their teeth as we can – aiming to use materials that will stand the test of time when they go back home again.We also have some fun with them, and our hygienists teach them tooth-brushing techniques that they can go and share when they get back to their families.’

This is the fifth year the practice has helped a group of Children brought to the UK by the charity.  The children come from a very deprived background often living without running water or basic sanitation.
In addition the levels of cancer in their home community is very high, many have lost close family members to the disease.
The Malvern charity not only provides medical and dental support but takes the children on trips, swimming and allows them the chance to play in a clean, uncontaminated environment.

If you want to see how you can make a difference to these children’s lives then visit www.ccll.org.uk/malvern

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