Our Fees

Our Fees

Our 2018 Fees and Services Guide

We treat each patient individually, building a unique program to fit your needs and budgets. We understand you need to have an idea of costs and services so please find below our 2018 guide.

Price List 2018

Denplan Transfer NP Exam £74

Getting to Know You Pay as you go Denplan Adult Denplan Child
Adult Beacon 5 Step Mouth Health Check £89 N/A N/A
Non-Member Tooth Crisis £96 N/A N/A
Adult Routine Mouth Health Check £57 Included Included
Kids Getting To Know You Smile Check £53 N/A N/A
Kids Smile Check £32 Included Included
Keeping You Smiling Pay as you go Denplan Adult Denplan Child
Non-Member Hygiene Visit £83 N/A N/A
Gum Health Package From £103 15% Discount N/A
Smile Saving Hygiene Visit £74 N/A
Mini Smile Saving Hygienist Visits £52 Included
Kids Tooth Clean & Hygiene Check From £32 N/A Included if Needed
Prevention – Less Is More Pay as you go Denplan Adult Denplan Child
Superior Sports Mouth guard From £106 15% Discount 15% Discount
Sealant Application – lock out decay From £34 per tooth 15% Discount From £30
Fillings – We Can Fix It! Pay as you go Denplan Adult Denplan Child
Tooth Coloured Fillings From £116-£244 15% Discount From £112
Root Fillings From £278 15% Discount N/A
Something Special
Advanced Treatments
Pay as you go Denplan Adult Denplan Child
Happy Air Sedation Per Session
Beacon Gold Standard Professional
Tooth Whitening
£399 N/A N/A
Tooth Coloured Onlay £584 15% Discount N/A
Gold Crown or Onlay From £793 15% Discount N/A
Porcelain Crown From £745 15% Discount N/A
Adhesive Bridge From £1141 15% Discount N/A
Porcelain Veneer From £828 15% Discount N/A
Personalised Smile Makeover Planning From £428 N/A N/A
Smile Rescue Pay as you go Denplan Adult Denplan Child
Kids Orthodontic Extractions From £61 N/A N/A
Adult Extractions From £108 15% Discount N/A
Implant & Crown Replacing
– Single Tooth
From £2571 N/A N/A
Consultation for Straight Teeth
Planning (Incl photos and x-rays)
£413 N/A N/A
Straight Teeth Adult Brace Packages From £2841 N/A N/A
Removable Denture Packages From £641 15% Discount N/A

Missed Appointments & Late Cancellation

Missed appointments or late cancellation with less than 2 working days notice are chargeable at our discretion.

Payment Terms

All private work to be paid for by completion with the exception of work involving a laboratory fee this will be payable at the preparation stage.


Deposits may be asked in advance of booking lengthy appointments. We look forward to discussing your needs. Please give us a call or pop in.

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