Teeth Whitening Offer

Teeth Whitening

Save Money This Autumn – £100 OFF

Make you smile sparkle this Christmas with our fab Teeth Whitening offer.  We are offering a reduction of £100 off our Teeth Whitening Treatment.

It was originally £423 NOW £323.

This offer is for a limited time only, so be quick and book your appointment.
To take advantage of this offer please call or email us.

Tel: 01684 899492

Email: info@beacondentalcare.co.uk

You can also give this as a gift to a friend or family member. A gift voucher will be given and a full refund will be given if it is not suitable.

Teeth-Whitening Offer

Terms & Conditions

    1. You must be over 18.
    2. A comprehensive dental consultation is required beforehand to ascertain suitability of the Professional Home Teeth Whitening procedure.
    3. Not everyone is suitable for teeth whitening.  Your dentist will advise you.
    4. The fees for the procedure include the custom made whitening trays to be used at home, the gel required to whiten the teeth and all follow up appointments and professional instructions.
    5. You need to follow your dental professional’s instructions and advice for your safety and to maximise effectiveness of the procedure.
    6. You will need to sign the Consent to Professional Home Teeth Whitening form. This will be given to you at your consultation.
    7. You need to read The User Instructions. This will be given to you at your consultation.

If you would like to book an initial consultation to discuss your options, then please book online › email us › or call 01684 899492.

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